Saturday, March 12, 2011

South Plains Leather Fest and life updates

my apologies for not writing. i recently moved and things have been very chaotic. thank God they are starting to settle down.

a few weeks ago Sir and i went to our first event, South Plains Leather Fest. i was scared out of my mind about attending but ended up having an amazing time. i learned so much about myself and met some really nice people who helped Sir and i ease into the play party and they were just there to help us out. we have connected through fetlife and i hope to stay in touch with them. we found new toys, one being a viper which sends me into subspace very easily. i also played publicly for the first time ever. we attended the play party both friday and saturday nights. friday night we just observed, saturday we played. i was extremely nervous but got over it and had a great time. when sunday came and it was time to leave i was very sad. it was great spending the entire weekend with Him.

i was scared of what would happen once we got back to where we live. i did where things would go, it was back to the unknown. Sir is doing much better with His personal issues and we are starting to settle down into a routine. a few nights ago when i was at His place He tied me to the bedpost and really let me have it. my ass is covered in deep purple bruises and i love it.

tonight we are going to a GWNN meeting, i am nervous about that and honestly not too sure if i want to go. it was one thing going out of town where the chances of me seeing someone i know slim to none. here where i live...that's a different story. we shall see what happens....