Monday, January 31, 2011


hello all. i am sorry i have not written in awhile. things have pretty much been the same, just taking everything a day at a time. Master has kept His promise to me and we have had communication every day. His promise was not every day, but just to have communication. yesterday we were able to spend a little bit of time together, maybe about 30 minutes, but it was a great 30 minutes. we spent most of the time cuddling on the couch, but He did give me several orgasms with His hand. i did not ask for them nor did i hint to Him that i wanted Him to touch me. He just knew that i wanted it as so did He.

things are on the path to where we can spend more time together. i know over the next several weeks, if not months,  Master is going to need more time to himself than with me. i totally get that and understand it, but i really look forward to spending more time with Him.

patience, katya, patience.

Friday, January 21, 2011

a new day

after i posted last night Master called and asked me to meet Him and the place He is renting. i went. we talked and held each other. He was questioning the divorce because He is scared for His children. which i completely totally 100% understand. His children are the single most important thing, as they should be. the divorce is not for me, nor is it because of me. they were on the road to this long before i came into the picture. what He is asking of me during this process is to be low maintenance and not to give Him any added stress. He does not know when we will be together again, outside of where our public lives intersect. it is going to be a long hard road for both of us. He has promised me communication. maybe not every day, but most days He said. be it an email, text, or phone call, even a short one to say hi and that He is thinking about me. i stayed the night with Him last night and i am very glad that i did. leaving this morning was difficult but i had to go to work. i am going to hold the memories i have and use them to get through the days and nights when we do not talk and when i am in bed alone. i know now that there will be more times when we will get to be together. i am sure of that.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

good bye for now

it kills me to write this. i am a wreck right now, i feel as if i cannot breath. Master just left my place and has told me we have to put us on hold until He figures out stuff with His marriage; if He wants to go through with the divorce or not. it may not be a final goodbye, but it feels like it to me. i have only been His for a short time, but He has taught me so much about myself and has shown me more affection and cared more than anyone ever has before, including my ex-fiance. it's going to kill me not to talk to Him like we usually did while things are being figured out. He is telling me this may not be the end, but i am preparing myself for the worse. it is how i protect myself. i told Him i am praying that one day i will be His again, He said time will only tell. i hate time. in my past when i've been told that it has meant that time will not work in my favor.

i do not know if i can get through this.......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"I'm coming over in a few minutes, be ready"

when Master sent me those words via instant messaging i thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. excitement mixed with fear that something was wrong. then i read the rest of what Master sent and saw that everything was fine. i had been feeling under the weather all day with a migraine but welcome any time i get with Him. i had already spent a little time with Master after work but more time is always better.

i did not greet Master on my knees and i do not know if this is something i am going to be Punished for. i need to ask Him this. Master allowed me to lay my head in His lap for awhile while we were on the couch watching a movie. Master then decided He wanted to spank me and told me to lay over His knee. i am not sure how long He spanked me for, all i know is it lasted awhile and was VERY relaxing for me and helped my migraine. okay, maybe the medicine had started to kick in and that's why the migraine started to calm down.  i tried to suck Master cock but with my head pounding i was not able to give it my all.

we went into the bedroom where Master had me get on the bed on my stomach and He attached my arms to the headrest. Master used various tools to hit my legs, ass, back, and shoulders. i honestly do not know which tools He was using, besides the paddle. that one i know for sure.

i heard Him opening something, but i was not quite sure what it was. that is until i felt He rubbed it on my pussy and ass. at first i felt a warm tingling sensation all over then, as Master was playing with my cunt, working His fingers in and out of me, the feeling went from warm to burning. instantly i knew what Master had put on my cunt....tobasco sauce. i wish i could fully describe the feeling to you in so much detail that you feel it by my words. it is indescribable. it burned, was warm tingles....was pretty damn amazing. Master continued working my cunt with His hand, allowing me multiple orgasms and squirting. all of a sudden it was too much and i was screaming out our safeword. Master quickly undid my arms and got me into the bathtub.

after i felt okay enough to get out of the tub, Master lead me to the couch were He held me as i came down from the intensity. we discussed how we felt during the scene as well as what we were feeling at that moment. He also had me go look at the wetspot i left on the bed and told me He did not use any lube at all. i had to confess to Master that although it started to hurt like hell, i really enjoyed having tobasco sauce on my pussy. i told Him i'd like to do it again, "like now, Sir". His response was "go get it". i laid back on the couch and spread my legs for Master. this time He used a vibrator on me. i do not know why but the second time was more intense, Master says my clit was "jumping around, going in and coming out". i wish we would have had a video of that. i was allowed to orgasm and i wanted to so bad, but i couldn't. i knew when i was at the point where i needed my safeword but i did not say it. i tried to push myself farther. suddenly i was screaming it and attempting to run to the bathtub, though i could not move much because the burning.

this time it took the burning a lot longer to go away and i started freaking out a little. more so at myself for being stupid enough to not say the safeword when i knew i needed it. it took a long time for my body to adjust back to normal. i was shaking uncontrollably even while Master was holding me, rubbing my back and arms, telling me He was right there and i was safe. my head knew all that, my body was not listening though. i actually ended up falling asleep. unfortunately Master wasn't able to stay with me and i woke up when He got up to leave.

3) very important lessons were learned that night. 1) katya loves tobasco sauce 2) no more than one tobasco session a night, and 3) i MUST use the safeword the moment i feel i need to say it. no being stubborn or trying to be tough. say it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the waiting game

i hate waiting. i am very impatient, one thing Master is breaking me of. i am use to getting a few emails a day and even instant messaging at night from Master. as of now i have not spoken to Him since my drive to work this morning and have not received any correspondence from Him since around 12:30pm. it sucks. there's a lot going on in His life right now that needs His attention more so than i. i completely 100% understand that but i still do not like that i haven't had even a little message from Him. i have no doubt that i have crossed His mind and He cares about me. what is troubling me is He is going through so much emotional pain right now and there is not a damn thing i can do about it. i told Him in our last email that i will not send Him an email first, i will wait for Him to. i did not realize how difficult this would be when i am so use to sending Him a random email that has a little joke in it or a picture i found that i think He would enjoy. i know He is not Punishing me by not having interaction, however i still found myself not doing things i am suppose to do, and for that i know i will be Punished.

i want to tell Him i finished the majority of my school work early, for i know He will be very proud of me for that. i want to tell Him i got the new battery for my car so i will not have problems with it tomorrow. i want to tell Him i wrote a new blog.

but most of all i want to tell Him i care for Him deeply, that i am His, and am here for Him however He needs.

here i am waiting......



Monday, January 10, 2011

"date" with Master

i apologize i have not written in while. i have been sick the past few days and my computer was having major issues.

on saturday i was able to enjoy some time with Master. He came in while i was still asleep and woke me up with kisses, my favorite way to be woken up. i am always a bit groggy and bitchy in the mornings, but when Master wakes me up, there is no bitchiness.  i have been having a lot of problems with my back lately, filled with knots and just hurting in general, so Master told me to lay on my stomach and He gave me a nice massage. ending it with telling me i need to try to budget in a professional deep tissue massage sometime soon.

while i was still laying on my stomach Master started playing with my/His cunt, slowly working His entire fist in me until He could slid His fist in and out with ease. I LOVE BEING FISTED! i had, i believe, 3 orgasms while Master was fisting me.

we cleaned up and went out onto the couch where we cuddled and chatted. Master and i have an ongoing list of things we want to talk about. although Master and i have amazing communication i feel as if the list is constantly growing and not much is being talked about. i know that is far from the truth, as Master and i chat a lot. when Master and i get to spend time together, we are pretty much always on a time limit. things are changing and soon enough i know we will be able to shorten that list.

after a bit we started messing around on the couch and i asked Master if He would please fuck me. and boy did He. afterwords we ended up back in the bedroom where i sucked His wonderful Cock. i asked Master if He would like to cum in my mouth or on me. He chose on me, which really surprised me. i'm not complaining, i was just surprised.

last night Master stopped by just to pick up my computer so He could fix it. i barely remember Him coming in, as i had just gotten home from the emergency room and was doped up on pain medication for the migraine i had, as well as a viral stomach bug. He came by again the afternoon to bring my computer back as well as bring me some sprite and chicken noodle soup. even though we were only together for about 5 minutes, i am so thankful for that time. i am really anxious for the changes to happen.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


i am going to be changing the name of my blog, the url will still the same, so no worries! the new name will be katya's kinky escapades with Master....the change will happen in a few days.


Monday, January 3, 2011


i've had one of those days when it seems as if everything is lined up against you. i'm in a job i hate, and i've only been there for 2 months. it is nearly impossible to find a good job i may enjoy without a college education, which i am in the works of finishing. i am worried about my Master and the things He is currently going through. how they are affecting Him, and what is going to become of our relationship. i have no doubt that our relationship is going to continue, but i do know there are going to be changes to it and i am not sure in which way that is going to be.

usually when i am having one of these days i have no problem writing something to get out my emotions and frustrations. tonight i am finding it impossible to convey what i want. i found myself flipping through the worn out pages of my old Pushkin anthology. i often find comfort in that book. i thought i'd share one of my favorite pieces of Pushkin's both in english as well as in Russian.

Winter Evening
The storm wind covers the sky
Whirling the fleecy snow drifts,
Now it howls like a wolf,
Now it is crying, like a lost child,
Now rustling the decayed thatch
On our tumbledown roof,
Now, like a delayed traveller,
Knocking on our window pane.

Our wretched little cottage
Is gloomy and dark.
Why do you sit all silent
Hugging the window, old gran?
Has the howling of the storm
Wearied you, at last, dear friend?
Or are you dozing fitfully
Under the spinning wheel's humming?

Let us drink, dearest friend
To my poor wasted youth.
Let us drink from grief - Where's the glass?
Our hearts at least will be lightened.
Sing me a song of how the bluetit
Quietly lives across the sea.
Sing me a song of how the young girl
Went to fetch water in the morning.

The storm wind covers the sky
Whirling the fleecy snow drifts
Now it howls like a wolf,
Now it is crying, like a lost child.
Let us drink, dearest friend
To my poor wasted youth.
Let us drink from grief - Where's the glass?
Our hearts at least will be lightened.

зимний вечер
штормовой ветер покрывает небо
Кружение ворсистые сугробы снега,
Теперь он воет, как волк,
Теперь он плачет, как потеряла ребенка,
Теперь шелест распались соломенная
На нашем ветхих крыш,
Теперь, как задержки путешественник,
Стучит в наши окна панели.

Наш жалкий домик
Это мрачное и темное.
Почему вы сидите все молчали
Обнимая окна, старая бабушка?
С воем бури
Измученный вы, наконец, дорогой друг?
Или вы дремали урывками
Под гудение прядильного колеса?

Выпьем, дорогой друг
Для моего бедного впустую молодежи.
Выпьем с горя - Где стекла?
Наши сердца по крайней мере будут облегченные.
Спой мне песню о том, как bluetit
Тихо жизни на море.
Спой мне песню о том, как молодая девушка
Пошел за водой по утрам.

штормовой ветер покрывает небо
Кружение ворсистые сугробы снега
Теперь он воет, как волк,
Теперь он плачет, как потеряла ребенка.
Выпьем, дорогой друг
Для моего бедного впустую молодежи.
Выпьем с горя - Где стекла?
Наши сердца по крайней мере будут облегченные.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

overcoming soft limits

i conquered one of my soft limits today. it was a limit i wanted to defeat, not just Master wanting me to get over it. that limit was Him cumming into my mouth.

let me give you the background of this limit:

several years ago i made a lot of mistakes. i was strung out on drugs, rarely sober. and when i was sober i was in the process of getting another drug. my favorite was ecstasy but would take just about anything. being a druggie pretty much goes hand in hand with hanging out with the wrong people and doing things you wish you didn't when you look back on them. my story is the same. my aversion to allowing Master cum in my mouth is because while i was strung out i would allow anyone to shoot their load down my throat. they would give me drugs sometimes, other times i did it just because i thought they were my "friends" and blah blah. so, since sobering up it has become very difficult for me to swallow, or even allow cum in my mouth. i think until today it had been at least 3 years since i last swallowed.

Master had a little bit of time He could come see me, and we had a lot to discuss. i did not great Him in our traditional way, i was clothed (well in the process of it at least) when He walked in. we talked and discussed things. although now i am remembering we did not talk about one thing He had wanted to hear more about. the reason i have not been sleeping well...

we ended up in the bedroom, and you already know, i was able to make Master cum in my mouth. it was emotionally hard for me, but i wanted to do it. i wanted to take that final step of submission to Him.

and damn if felt good to do it :-)

14 days, 600 edges...

i think the last 2 weeks were the longest 2 weeks of my life. especially getting through work on thursday and the hours until Master arrived at my place friday morning.

He took His sweet time getting to my place, purposely getting there later than He said He would. i have a patience problem, i lack it. when He finally arrived i was waiting on my knees for Him like His good slut. He walked up to me and i immediately undid His pants and began worshiping His Cock. after a little bit Master told me to stop, He pulled up His pants and bent down to kiss me. i almost lost myself to tears right then. He helped me stand and continued to kiss me. we held each other for awhile, and i did have a few tears. i was so happy to see Him. we sat on the couch, me in His arms and talked for a little.

we had previously talked about stress relief and maintenance spankings. Master decided to try it out. He told me to lay across His lap and he began to softly spank my ass, lower back, and thighs. He hit harder at times, and with rhythm. i was in heaven. i do not think i have ever been so relaxed in my life. Master decided this is somehow going to become part of our routine. 

over the past weeks i had earned a few Disciplines and Punishments for various things. Master asked if i wanted to get them over with before the pleasure began and i replied with a yes. Master had me sit on the couch with my back up against the back. He hooked my arm cuffs to my collar, blindfolded me, and had me put my feet on the edge of the couch, legs spread. before He blindfolded me i saw Him get the 5 gallon paint biggest Punishment fear. Next thing i knew Master grabbed my left tit and squeezed hard while wearing the tack glove. that was Discipline number one for missing a question on a quiz. He then grabbed the right one in the same fashion. Discipline number two for missing a question on a different quiz. next Master grabbed my/His cunt with the tack glove, rubbing the clit with the point of a tack. Discipline number 3 for falling asleep before doing bedtime edges. Master had me stand and bend over the arm of the couch where i received 10 hits of the paint stick. 5 for one Punishment when i did not follow His schedule, and 5 for the second Punishment when i did not answer a question of His immediately. Master took of the blindfold, unhooked my arms and sent me to lay down in the bed. He joined me there almost immediately and held me and soothed me while i cried.

the night before i had been forgetful and did not click the last 5 edges into the counter i had been using. for this Master caned me 5 times on each ass cheek while bent over the bed. He also had me choose a number between 1-10, i chose 7. Master said i would not be allowed an orgasm until He edged me 35 more times. Master put the hood on me, hooked my hands to the headboard, feet to the foot of the bed and my thigh cuffs to the sides of the bed so my pussy was exposed to Him and i could not fight it, even if i wanted to.

Master edged me many ways, my favorite being with His amazing mouth. i was so wet and in agony that a slight touch to my clit had me yelling out to Master for permission to cum. which He, of course, denied. Master used clothespins and tape and spread my pussy lips apart for Him to have better access to His property. i love that feel but i HATE when the clothespins come off. hurts like a motherfucker!

finally we got to the 35 edges and Master allowed me to orgasm. He had his fist in my cunt and was playing with my g-spot. i came so hard and intense that i squirted....a lot. i also, in the middle of this orgasm which was a rolling orgasm, busted into tears. not a few rolling down my face, but full out sobs. i assured Master absolutely nothing was wrong, everything was perfect, even though i continued to cry as i continued to orgasm. i have never in my life experience this before, crying while having an orgasm. i have squirted before, but never cried. we rested a bit, and then Master made me squirt another 3 times. i could barely move by the time we were finished.

in fact, my entire body is still sore today. my pussy, surprisingly is not sore, even though Master worked it over with His fist and my monster dildo. my shoulders, neck, ass, legs...those muscles are all very sore.

Master kept telling me how proud He is that i made it 14 days and 600+ edges before having an orgasm. or several in this case. He rewarded me by telling me that this weekend i could have as many orgasms as i wanted and do not have to follow a masturbation schedule. with it being a new month we do need to come up with a new one for january. Master also determined that typically He will only deny me an orgasm for a week. of course this may change as He sees fit.

i have not been able to masturbate much today, due to a family emergency i spent most of the day at the hospital. everyone is okay, now. Master was aware of this, as it started happening when i was with Him yesterday.

Master is able to come over for a little bit tomorrow, and i always cherish the time we have to spend together. i may or may not post a write up on this visit. i may not because we are going to be doing a lot of talking, He does not even want me to greet Him naked and on my knees. it is not a bad talk, although i am a bit nervous. there is just a lot going on in both of our separate lives that we want to talk about with each other, without the distraction of my tits or His Cock.

oh, and i hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!