Sunday, January 2, 2011

overcoming soft limits

i conquered one of my soft limits today. it was a limit i wanted to defeat, not just Master wanting me to get over it. that limit was Him cumming into my mouth.

let me give you the background of this limit:

several years ago i made a lot of mistakes. i was strung out on drugs, rarely sober. and when i was sober i was in the process of getting another drug. my favorite was ecstasy but would take just about anything. being a druggie pretty much goes hand in hand with hanging out with the wrong people and doing things you wish you didn't when you look back on them. my story is the same. my aversion to allowing Master cum in my mouth is because while i was strung out i would allow anyone to shoot their load down my throat. they would give me drugs sometimes, other times i did it just because i thought they were my "friends" and blah blah. so, since sobering up it has become very difficult for me to swallow, or even allow cum in my mouth. i think until today it had been at least 3 years since i last swallowed.

Master had a little bit of time He could come see me, and we had a lot to discuss. i did not great Him in our traditional way, i was clothed (well in the process of it at least) when He walked in. we talked and discussed things. although now i am remembering we did not talk about one thing He had wanted to hear more about. the reason i have not been sleeping well...

we ended up in the bedroom, and you already know, i was able to make Master cum in my mouth. it was emotionally hard for me, but i wanted to do it. i wanted to take that final step of submission to Him.

and damn if felt good to do it :-)