Friday, January 21, 2011

a new day

after i posted last night Master called and asked me to meet Him and the place He is renting. i went. we talked and held each other. He was questioning the divorce because He is scared for His children. which i completely totally 100% understand. His children are the single most important thing, as they should be. the divorce is not for me, nor is it because of me. they were on the road to this long before i came into the picture. what He is asking of me during this process is to be low maintenance and not to give Him any added stress. He does not know when we will be together again, outside of where our public lives intersect. it is going to be a long hard road for both of us. He has promised me communication. maybe not every day, but most days He said. be it an email, text, or phone call, even a short one to say hi and that He is thinking about me. i stayed the night with Him last night and i am very glad that i did. leaving this morning was difficult but i had to go to work. i am going to hold the memories i have and use them to get through the days and nights when we do not talk and when i am in bed alone. i know now that there will be more times when we will get to be together. i am sure of that.

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