Monday, January 10, 2011

"date" with Master

i apologize i have not written in while. i have been sick the past few days and my computer was having major issues.

on saturday i was able to enjoy some time with Master. He came in while i was still asleep and woke me up with kisses, my favorite way to be woken up. i am always a bit groggy and bitchy in the mornings, but when Master wakes me up, there is no bitchiness.  i have been having a lot of problems with my back lately, filled with knots and just hurting in general, so Master told me to lay on my stomach and He gave me a nice massage. ending it with telling me i need to try to budget in a professional deep tissue massage sometime soon.

while i was still laying on my stomach Master started playing with my/His cunt, slowly working His entire fist in me until He could slid His fist in and out with ease. I LOVE BEING FISTED! i had, i believe, 3 orgasms while Master was fisting me.

we cleaned up and went out onto the couch where we cuddled and chatted. Master and i have an ongoing list of things we want to talk about. although Master and i have amazing communication i feel as if the list is constantly growing and not much is being talked about. i know that is far from the truth, as Master and i chat a lot. when Master and i get to spend time together, we are pretty much always on a time limit. things are changing and soon enough i know we will be able to shorten that list.

after a bit we started messing around on the couch and i asked Master if He would please fuck me. and boy did He. afterwords we ended up back in the bedroom where i sucked His wonderful Cock. i asked Master if He would like to cum in my mouth or on me. He chose on me, which really surprised me. i'm not complaining, i was just surprised.

last night Master stopped by just to pick up my computer so He could fix it. i barely remember Him coming in, as i had just gotten home from the emergency room and was doped up on pain medication for the migraine i had, as well as a viral stomach bug. He came by again the afternoon to bring my computer back as well as bring me some sprite and chicken noodle soup. even though we were only together for about 5 minutes, i am so thankful for that time. i am really anxious for the changes to happen.

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