Sunday, January 2, 2011

14 days, 600 edges...

i think the last 2 weeks were the longest 2 weeks of my life. especially getting through work on thursday and the hours until Master arrived at my place friday morning.

He took His sweet time getting to my place, purposely getting there later than He said He would. i have a patience problem, i lack it. when He finally arrived i was waiting on my knees for Him like His good slut. He walked up to me and i immediately undid His pants and began worshiping His Cock. after a little bit Master told me to stop, He pulled up His pants and bent down to kiss me. i almost lost myself to tears right then. He helped me stand and continued to kiss me. we held each other for awhile, and i did have a few tears. i was so happy to see Him. we sat on the couch, me in His arms and talked for a little.

we had previously talked about stress relief and maintenance spankings. Master decided to try it out. He told me to lay across His lap and he began to softly spank my ass, lower back, and thighs. He hit harder at times, and with rhythm. i was in heaven. i do not think i have ever been so relaxed in my life. Master decided this is somehow going to become part of our routine. 

over the past weeks i had earned a few Disciplines and Punishments for various things. Master asked if i wanted to get them over with before the pleasure began and i replied with a yes. Master had me sit on the couch with my back up against the back. He hooked my arm cuffs to my collar, blindfolded me, and had me put my feet on the edge of the couch, legs spread. before He blindfolded me i saw Him get the 5 gallon paint biggest Punishment fear. Next thing i knew Master grabbed my left tit and squeezed hard while wearing the tack glove. that was Discipline number one for missing a question on a quiz. He then grabbed the right one in the same fashion. Discipline number two for missing a question on a different quiz. next Master grabbed my/His cunt with the tack glove, rubbing the clit with the point of a tack. Discipline number 3 for falling asleep before doing bedtime edges. Master had me stand and bend over the arm of the couch where i received 10 hits of the paint stick. 5 for one Punishment when i did not follow His schedule, and 5 for the second Punishment when i did not answer a question of His immediately. Master took of the blindfold, unhooked my arms and sent me to lay down in the bed. He joined me there almost immediately and held me and soothed me while i cried.

the night before i had been forgetful and did not click the last 5 edges into the counter i had been using. for this Master caned me 5 times on each ass cheek while bent over the bed. He also had me choose a number between 1-10, i chose 7. Master said i would not be allowed an orgasm until He edged me 35 more times. Master put the hood on me, hooked my hands to the headboard, feet to the foot of the bed and my thigh cuffs to the sides of the bed so my pussy was exposed to Him and i could not fight it, even if i wanted to.

Master edged me many ways, my favorite being with His amazing mouth. i was so wet and in agony that a slight touch to my clit had me yelling out to Master for permission to cum. which He, of course, denied. Master used clothespins and tape and spread my pussy lips apart for Him to have better access to His property. i love that feel but i HATE when the clothespins come off. hurts like a motherfucker!

finally we got to the 35 edges and Master allowed me to orgasm. He had his fist in my cunt and was playing with my g-spot. i came so hard and intense that i squirted....a lot. i also, in the middle of this orgasm which was a rolling orgasm, busted into tears. not a few rolling down my face, but full out sobs. i assured Master absolutely nothing was wrong, everything was perfect, even though i continued to cry as i continued to orgasm. i have never in my life experience this before, crying while having an orgasm. i have squirted before, but never cried. we rested a bit, and then Master made me squirt another 3 times. i could barely move by the time we were finished.

in fact, my entire body is still sore today. my pussy, surprisingly is not sore, even though Master worked it over with His fist and my monster dildo. my shoulders, neck, ass, legs...those muscles are all very sore.

Master kept telling me how proud He is that i made it 14 days and 600+ edges before having an orgasm. or several in this case. He rewarded me by telling me that this weekend i could have as many orgasms as i wanted and do not have to follow a masturbation schedule. with it being a new month we do need to come up with a new one for january. Master also determined that typically He will only deny me an orgasm for a week. of course this may change as He sees fit.

i have not been able to masturbate much today, due to a family emergency i spent most of the day at the hospital. everyone is okay, now. Master was aware of this, as it started happening when i was with Him yesterday.

Master is able to come over for a little bit tomorrow, and i always cherish the time we have to spend together. i may or may not post a write up on this visit. i may not because we are going to be doing a lot of talking, He does not even want me to greet Him naked and on my knees. it is not a bad talk, although i am a bit nervous. there is just a lot going on in both of our separate lives that we want to talk about with each other, without the distraction of my tits or His Cock.

oh, and i hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!


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