Sunday, January 16, 2011

"I'm coming over in a few minutes, be ready"

when Master sent me those words via instant messaging i thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. excitement mixed with fear that something was wrong. then i read the rest of what Master sent and saw that everything was fine. i had been feeling under the weather all day with a migraine but welcome any time i get with Him. i had already spent a little time with Master after work but more time is always better.

i did not greet Master on my knees and i do not know if this is something i am going to be Punished for. i need to ask Him this. Master allowed me to lay my head in His lap for awhile while we were on the couch watching a movie. Master then decided He wanted to spank me and told me to lay over His knee. i am not sure how long He spanked me for, all i know is it lasted awhile and was VERY relaxing for me and helped my migraine. okay, maybe the medicine had started to kick in and that's why the migraine started to calm down.  i tried to suck Master cock but with my head pounding i was not able to give it my all.

we went into the bedroom where Master had me get on the bed on my stomach and He attached my arms to the headrest. Master used various tools to hit my legs, ass, back, and shoulders. i honestly do not know which tools He was using, besides the paddle. that one i know for sure.

i heard Him opening something, but i was not quite sure what it was. that is until i felt He rubbed it on my pussy and ass. at first i felt a warm tingling sensation all over then, as Master was playing with my cunt, working His fingers in and out of me, the feeling went from warm to burning. instantly i knew what Master had put on my cunt....tobasco sauce. i wish i could fully describe the feeling to you in so much detail that you feel it by my words. it is indescribable. it burned, was warm tingles....was pretty damn amazing. Master continued working my cunt with His hand, allowing me multiple orgasms and squirting. all of a sudden it was too much and i was screaming out our safeword. Master quickly undid my arms and got me into the bathtub.

after i felt okay enough to get out of the tub, Master lead me to the couch were He held me as i came down from the intensity. we discussed how we felt during the scene as well as what we were feeling at that moment. He also had me go look at the wetspot i left on the bed and told me He did not use any lube at all. i had to confess to Master that although it started to hurt like hell, i really enjoyed having tobasco sauce on my pussy. i told Him i'd like to do it again, "like now, Sir". His response was "go get it". i laid back on the couch and spread my legs for Master. this time He used a vibrator on me. i do not know why but the second time was more intense, Master says my clit was "jumping around, going in and coming out". i wish we would have had a video of that. i was allowed to orgasm and i wanted to so bad, but i couldn't. i knew when i was at the point where i needed my safeword but i did not say it. i tried to push myself farther. suddenly i was screaming it and attempting to run to the bathtub, though i could not move much because the burning.

this time it took the burning a lot longer to go away and i started freaking out a little. more so at myself for being stupid enough to not say the safeword when i knew i needed it. it took a long time for my body to adjust back to normal. i was shaking uncontrollably even while Master was holding me, rubbing my back and arms, telling me He was right there and i was safe. my head knew all that, my body was not listening though. i actually ended up falling asleep. unfortunately Master wasn't able to stay with me and i woke up when He got up to leave.

3) very important lessons were learned that night. 1) katya loves tobasco sauce 2) no more than one tobasco session a night, and 3) i MUST use the safeword the moment i feel i need to say it. no being stubborn or trying to be tough. say it.

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