Thursday, January 20, 2011

good bye for now

it kills me to write this. i am a wreck right now, i feel as if i cannot breath. Master just left my place and has told me we have to put us on hold until He figures out stuff with His marriage; if He wants to go through with the divorce or not. it may not be a final goodbye, but it feels like it to me. i have only been His for a short time, but He has taught me so much about myself and has shown me more affection and cared more than anyone ever has before, including my ex-fiance. it's going to kill me not to talk to Him like we usually did while things are being figured out. He is telling me this may not be the end, but i am preparing myself for the worse. it is how i protect myself. i told Him i am praying that one day i will be His again, He said time will only tell. i hate time. in my past when i've been told that it has meant that time will not work in my favor.

i do not know if i can get through this.......


  1. I am so sorry for all the pain in your life right now. Maybe you could find a compassionate Dominate that is right for you and is not entangled with other women.

  2. Have read this post in the morning and felt really so sad for you. Hope everything will be fine this or that way.
    You will surely overcome all that.
    However, this Master gave you knowledge about yourself and now no one can take them from you. And that's good of itself.

    Learn from it, walk on, be happy!