Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Start of a Beautiful Dom/sub Relationship

This is my first shot at writing a blog, so please bear with me as i try to figure all of this out....
i have only had Master for about a week now but i already want to do everything i can to please Him and not disappoint Him in anyway. i am new to the Dom/sub world and very curious as to how much i can handle.

Master and i have known of each other for a few months now but only officially met a few weeks ago. We exchanged some emails, mostly clean and innocent until i made a comment about needing to be punished. That is when the Dom/sub conversations started. He was out of town, somewhere in a totally different time zone. We spent several hours on the phone talking about what we both want, have tried, do not like, etc. Emailed links to pictures of things we would like to try and what turns us on. After the first phone conversation Master already had control over me. Now after a few meetings, i want to please Him, make him proud, and be the best slut he has ever had.

i want to go into details of what we have done as of now, but Master gave me instructions that this entry was to be about how our relationship started. i already had one Punishment from Him today for being a selfish slut and have 4 more Punishments coming to me for various things i did/did not do. i do not wish to do anything else that may cause another Punishment tonight. i will ask Master if he would not mind to review this posting and give me some pointers.

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