Friday, November 26, 2010

A Thanksgiving filled with lots of thank You, Master's

i think this had to have been the best Thanksgiving ever. And not because i was with my family and enjoyed tons of great food. Master and i got to spend a lot of time together and wow....

It started around midmorning, i unlocked my door fairly early and crawled back into bed and fell back asleep while waiting for Master's arrival. i did not hear him come in my apartment, but woke up when he crawled in bed with me and started kissing me. we cuddled a bit, which i absolutely love. Master is Dom and Master, but he makes me feel as if i am the most important thing to Him. i am on orgasm denial so Master edged me, twice. i, however, received Punishment after the second edge due to the fact that Master had originally suggested i suck his cock and i asked if i could stay in his arms. i then proceeded to ask Him to edge me again, which he did. After i was immediately Punished by Master slapping my extremely wet, sensitive, irritated pussy...hard. i lost count of how many times he slapped it. i apologized to Master for being a selfish slut and all was forgiven.

We then parted ways for the afternoon. In the evening Master came back over. i greeted Master by getting on my knees, unzipping his pants, and lavishing all my attention on His cock. After a bit Master commanded me to stop, i did not want to but i did as He said. Master and i talked a great deal about various articles He has sent me as well as many other topics. Master and i have wonderful communication, which is something we both value. i was awaiting 4 Punishments for not edging the required amount of times twice, being presumptuous to Master, and having an illegal orgasm. Master took away one of the Punishments because i suggested to Master that we go together and pick out my public collar together, and He really liked the idea.

Master Punished me by using the cane, paddle, and crop on my ass. i thanked Him for the Punishment and we discussed how we both felt after. i confessed to him that i am starting to enjoy these as a part of regular play and perhaps for Punishment He should use them on a different area other than my ass.

Master allowed me to orgasm after i "made love" to his cock and made Him "see stars". i could not stop thanking Master for allowing me to orgasm. We took a small break from "bedroom activities" but i will skip over those details.

After returning from our break i began worshiping Master's fabulous cock again and he came all over my tits. i cleaned him up with my tongue and mouth. As i am reminiscing about the details of what happened next i am not sure if i have the order of events correctly. i cannot remember which happened first. i asked Master if we could try something new, He said yes. Master wrapped my tits in bondage tape and put clover clamps on my nipples. Master put the clamp chain in my mouth. i love the way the clamps felt, but i was very close to using our rest-word. While my tits were clamped and taped Master took clothes pins and put them on my pussy. i loved it. he used the crop some on my pussy, as well as my tits. Thinking back i wish Master would have taken a picture, i am curious to know what i looked like with my pussy pinned open and my tits bound. the PAIN happened when it was time to remove the clothes pins and clamps. i loved Master using them on me, but the pain when He took them off was intense. However, i still wish to use them more. i loved how after Master removed them he caressed and gave attention to each spot, easing the pain. He also does this after a Punishment is completed. Him doing that helps me. It reinforces that even though i was bad, Master cares about his slut.

Master rewarded me for my good behavior the best way possible....His wonderful cock inside my slutty pussy. This was the first time i had His cock in me and i loved every minute of it. He feels so good in me, fits perfectly, moves perfectly in me. i lost count of how many times He made me cum with His cock deep in my wet, tight pussy. i should say it is His pussy, not mine. He has complete control over it and i wouldn't want it any other way.

Master and i fell asleep shortly there after. He got up early in the morning to cash in on some Black Friday shopping while i slept. When He returned, He made me orgasm a few more times. i wanted His cock but Master denied me it; i was not able to touch it at all. This irritated me, but Master knows what is best for His slut and i had not done anything to deserve it in any way. Master did command me to try putting the HUGE dildo in my pussy. He lubed it up, i got on my knees and was able to get some of it in my pussy. i had to call our rest-word for the first time. i admitted to Him that i hated having to use it, He reassured me that it was the correct thing to do.

Master is going out of town for a few days and we probably will not be able to see each other in private before He leaves. i asked Master if he would mark me before He left. i have my collars as a reminder that i am His, but i wanted marks as well. Master said He was very proud of me for asking and taking the markings. Master used the cane and a paint stick on my tits and gave me some wonderful markings. i did have to call the rest-word after one particular hard blow on my left tit. The blow did leave a fabulous mark which i am now fondly looking at while wearing my private collar, sitting naked as our Rules dictate. Both of my tits are marked, i love the way they look. Master also used the cane on my ass, leaving more fabulous marks and also breaking the cane. i asked Master if He would take some pictures of my marks so i could post them here and as well as on my fetlife profile. i am having trouble getting them onto my computer but as soon as they are i will post them proudly for all to see.

i am back on orgasm denial and now am horny as all hell again after writing this entry. i think it may be time to edge myself again...after all ready taking a break from the blog and edging myself twice.....

Thank You Master for giving me such a great Thanksgiving.

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