Sunday, December 26, 2010

control of every day life

Master and i have been discussing what things in my every day life i am willing to give up control over. He does not want me to be 100% dependent and having no decisions to make, but we both are wanting Him to have more control over my every day life. we have started out by having a schedule for me to follow when i get home from work. some days, like today, Master had me make the schedule and then submit it to Him for approval. today was not a good day, as i had car trouble while i was out running errands and had to wait to be picked up and get my car good to drive again. because of this i had to make changes to the schedule, which i've been tempted to rebel against anyways today. that is for another posting though.

Master wants me to make a list of things i have no problem giving control over, things i am not so okay with giving up, and things i refuse to give up control of. this has actually been a very hard assignment for me to do and i probably forgot some very important things.

no problem giving up:
1) underwear requirements
2) bed time when i have work the next day
3) work out time
4) budget
5) clothing i wear when not with Master
6) studying time
7) what to do when not at work (to some extent)
not so okay:
1) when i hang out with friends
2) how i spend my non-bills money
3) internet usage
4) make up
refuse to give up:
1) when i see my family
2) what/when i eat
3) what games i go to
4) when i'm allowed to talk on the phone

this is all i can think of for now. i know i am probably missing some key elements here.....

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