Sunday, December 12, 2010


another posting for today.....

i am very frustrated right now. earlier Master stated i would be able to orgasm after reaching 100 edges since 130am this morning. i am only 15 edges away from 100 when i get a text message from him that i am not allowed to reply to saying, "no orgasm tonight". i started sobbing when i read that, and continue to cry right now. i do not know why Master changed His mind. i know it is His Right to deny me an orgasm at any time but i worked so hard to please Him today. i feel as if i maybe did something wrong or displeased Master some how. the worst thing is i cannot even ask Him if He would explain to me why He changed His mind. i know He can choose to answer the question or not but at least i would have been able to try to find out.....


  1. I don't know you or your Dom at all, but sometimes Doms just get a cruel streak and want their subs to suffer like this. The mental agony is always the deepest. Your Dom is likely not unaware of this fact. Try your best not to read more into it that he told you. If he said no orgasm tonight, simply don't have one and wait for an explanation later. If there is a relational issue, you'll know about it soon enough. If there's not, enjoy your Dom exercising his prerogative in making you suffer for him. After all, you are a masochist. Welcome to a new type of pain.

  2. i spoke to my Master this morning and He said He took my orgasm away because He wants me to be a "quivering mess of wetness" for when we get to be together in a few days. tonight i am to be masturbating whenever i am not doing school work, only edging once every five minutes, and no orgasm. i hate this, yet love it at the same time. thank You for Your input Sir.