Tuesday, December 28, 2010

few more days....

just a few more days until Master and i reunite after 2 weeks apart. the past 2 weeks has been a huge emotional roller coaster for me. right now i am anxious. i cannot wait for Master to walk through my door as i wait on my knees for Him with my fresh brazilian wax job. i had that done tonight for the first time ever, and i plan on going back every 4 weeks or so.

i do not know what i am looking forward to the most, if it is His Cock in my mouth, His hand inflicting pain that i love so much, the feel of Him in me, just knowing He is somewhat close even when He is not with me, or just being in His arms. if i had to chose i may say just being in His arms. one of Masters "terms of endearment" for me is His cocksucking cuddleslut cunt. which does sum me up very nicely.

i know after i get Master in our traditional way i will want to go straight to the couch or the bed and just be in His arms, kissing Him everywhere i can. the past few days i have felt very rebellious and angry but now, as the day gets closer i am feeling much more calm and at ease. i feel as if i may event cry a bit once i see Him. out of happiness, the release of all the emotions over the past weeks, and just feeling that everything has returned to "normal".

yea....i'm emotional like that. was before He came into my life and i will always be.

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