Saturday, December 18, 2010

make me say the word please Sir

i am sorry it has taken me a few days to write this blog, i have been very busy the past few days and Master is ok with me not posting until today. i will probably be posting 2 or 3 today....

Master stayed the night with me wednesday. we had been discussing finding out what it would take for me to use my safeword. we decided we would do this that night. when Master arrived i greeted Him by unzipping His pants and playing with His Cock. i had some school work to do and Master told me to finish it after we ate dinner and before we played. i did it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

finally it was play time. Master had me stand up and bend over the couch. he used the different floggers we have, the paddle, and also gave me the Disciplines i had earned for missing questions on quizzes with the dreaded paint stick. Master had gone to our favorite store before He came over and purchased a few new things. one being what i refer to as a whip, but it really is not one. i will have to ask Master what it is called. He used it, and the other toys, on my back, ass, thighs, and shoulders.

Master also purchased "over the door cuffs" which we tried out. Master secured my arms to them and my legs to the spreader bar. Master had me facing the door. with my newly pierced nipples we did not think working on my front would be a smart idea. Master continued to use the various hitting toys on my back. i was crying out but had an extremely wet pussy. Master also dripped candle wax onto my back and ass.

Master then had me go to the bed where he secured my legs as i laid on my stomach. i asked Him if we would leave my hands undone so i could adjust my huge tits so my new piercings would not be affected. Master allowed this. i do not remember which tools Master used and in what order. my head was swimming with the pain and pleasure of all Master was doing to me. i was in tears and asking Master to please hit me again and again. i could tell i was getting closer and closer to using my safeword. Master told me that was the only thing that would get Him to stop or let up. the restword would not be recognized that night. we were in complete understanding about this. Master was using the new whip-like toy when without thinking i screamed out the safeword and immediately began sobbing. Master immediately stopped, gathered me into His arms, kissed me all over. He kept telling me how proud He was (and is) and to let the tears out.

when i had calmed down some and was able to talk Master and i discussed what had happened. i told Him i loved every second (of probably close to 2 hours) of what we had done. i also told Him how much i hated using the safeword. i know it is for both of our protection, but i felt as if i had failed and disappointed Him. He assured and reassured me that this was not the case. this was the first time i have ever used my safeword and i really did not like having to use it.

Master allowed me to sooth myself by playing with His Cock, one of my favorite past times. i love the feel of Master's Cock in my throat, on my tongue, on my lips, and in my hands. i love how His Cock jumps with pleasure.

Master wanted to push me to my limit when it came to Him denying me orgasm as well. my memory is a bit blurry on these events as well, due to the fact that i was in 'the zone' as well as the time that has past since this night. i think i need to write my blogs that have to do when with Master immediately after they happen. Master lubed up the monster dildo and slowly put it inside of me and then started fucking me with it. my body responded without me even thinking about it, my hips rising to meet it. i wanted to cum so bad but Master told me no. Master was also using one of the vibrators on my clit, edging me very quickly and begging Him to cum. Master pulled the hood of my super sensitive clit back and placed the vibrator right on it, i instantly said to Master that i was at a 9 and going to cum, He commanded me to hold it back and not to cum. somehow i was able to hold back for a little until i was screaming that i was going to cum. Master did this several times until He allowed me to have an amazing orgasm....or a few amazing orgasms. He then continued to put the vibrator on my clit, over and over again. my clit was so sensitive it was right along the line of pain. i ended up having to use the safeword again. it was an amazing night filled with lots of pleasure. i apologize to Master for any details i may have missed.

i fell asleep in Masters arms, which is my favorite way to fall asleep. Master had to be up very early. when He left, i was in tears. Master is going on vacation, we will have limited contact and won't be back for about two weeks. i thought this night would be the last time i would see Master until after the new year, little did i know that wasn't true....that is another posting, however.

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