Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Master, You make me so wet....

this has been a very busy week for me. had a final and started my online bachelor's program. i apologize to Master for not blogging this week.

since i last wrote, Master has come over twice. sunday was unplanned, i had computer problems and Master was able to get away to fix it. as well as giving me one Punishment and giving me lots of pleasure. of course i was able to pleasure Him as well. i LOVE pleasuring Master. especially with my mouth on His Cock. the form of Punishment Master chose to give me was fear. He had me lay on my back and He grabbed the 5 gallon paint stick. He told me to spread my legs so He could slap my wet cunt with it. i was so scared i clenched my legs together and said "please no, Master" several times. He commanded me to open my legs, which i did while gripping the headboard and squeezing my eyes shut. i was on the verge of tears and kept repeating "please no, Master" over and over. it would have been the most painful Punishment Master had given me. i was terrified. i could hear Master swinging His arm back, but the blow never came. He gathered me in His arms and told me that was the Punishment. Fear. i was so scared and so relieved i could not stop thanking Him. Master edged me many times and i was allowed orgasm, but i was denied His Cock. i did ask Master to secure my arms to the bed and use the monster dildo on me. He said He was very proud of me for asking for this.

the next time Master came over was tuesday night and He was able to sleep over. Master had gone to the game so He did not get to my place until around 10pm. i had gone shopping for an outfit to wear for Master and when He arrived He found me wearing it, on my knees with my head down and hands clasped behind my back. the outfit was very sexy, in my opinion and i believe Master loved it as well. i was wearing a black corset, with a black thong, fishnets and heels. we had an amazing pleasure session that night, and i received the rest of the Punishments i had earned.

i hate being Punished. not just because of the physical pain, but because i know how much Master does not like to Punish me. i do not like that i have disappointed Him and i make Him hurt when He has to Punish me. i am trying very hard not to do anything to earn Punishments.

Master and i have been able to chat on skype the past few days. He has commanded me to edge and orgasm for Him on camera. i am amazed at how wet just the sound of His voice makes me.

the night Master stayed over we ended up staying up until 4:30am, mostly just talking while cuddling in bed. we touched on some difficult topics, such as what the future may or may not hold for us. i do not wish to go into the details here, unless Master tells me too. it was a very difficult conversation and caused me to cry. not tears because Master said something mean or anything like that. tears because i am scared. in fact i am terrified of these feelings and emotions. Master and i are just going to take one day at a time and see what happens as it happens.

next weekend Master and i are going on a little trip together out of the city, to the closest larger city to us. i am so looking forward to it and the new experiences that may happen. we are discussing going to a swingers club, strip club (which is not new to me), and fetish stores. we are also going to have a real date, where we can be out in public together and not have to act as if there is nothing more than casual acquaintanceship between us. Master also wants to see if i am physically able to have 100 orgasms in a 24 hour period and fist me. we have been working on the fisting, He says i am about halfway there with all of His fingers in my wet sloppy cunt.

is it next weekend yet?

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