Sunday, December 19, 2010

ruined orgasm in public restroom

first of all i am not allowed orgasm today, even though it is sunday. as a challenge, Master took it away and i graciously accepted the challenge.....

that brings me to dinner. i went out to red lobster to eat. i had my tiny vibrator in my purse and my egg remote vibrator in my frustrated wet cunt. Master sent me a text message and told me when i was able to He wanted me to go into the bathroom and have an "agonizingly close edge". i listened and.......had a ruined orgasm. i was in the bathroom, turned on the egg and put the amazingly powerful tiny vibrator on my clit. it took maybe a minute before i felt the first amazing contraction. prior to this i was up to 137 edges since my last orgasm and am quite the horny slut at the moment. i immediately moved tiny away from my clit and turned off the egg. then i teared up a little from being so frustrated right now. i then went back to the table my family was sitting at with my pussy dripping wet and feeling out of breath.

i confessed to Master about the ruined orgasm and He told me to write this post and is still deciding on if i will be Disciplined or Punished.

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  1. Ruined orgasms are so hard. I hate them. All that build up just to have to let it slip away like that. They make me angry and my Dom has never assigned one. If I'm just supposed to be touching and go too far then I'm supposed to ruin it, just like you did. But I hate the whole experience of ruining an orgasm so I try not to get there.