Sunday, December 19, 2010

unexpected visit

this post is not going to be filled with as many details as usual. i need to write it, but i also need to have some "me" time today as well as work on school work.  i hope Master is okay with this.

Master unexpectedly was able to come over thursday night. i was very happy to be able to see Him and please Him once more before His vacation.

it was very late by the time Master arrived and i was tired, yet very excited. He walked in and i gave Him the usual greeting of taking His Cock out of His pants and lavishing it with all of my attention. Master and i had discussed pushing my limits once more, since we both enjoyed it very much.

Master cuffed my ankles to the bed and immediately went to work since we did not have much time. we had a nice session, ending with me yelling out our safeword after several very hard blows with the cane. Master comforted me and let me cry in His arms for awhile.

after i was okay and ready for more play, Master teased my frustrated wet cunt, edging me many times until allowing me teeth-chattering, mind boggling rolling orgasms. Master rewarded me with His Cock in my pussy. it was beautiful.

Master had to leave, was unable to stay the night again. as soon as i closed the door when i left, i found myself against the door, crying. i have been okay the past few days with Him gone. i honestly don't think it has actually hit me that i will not see Master, nor probably hear His voice until January. right now it just seems like how it usually is, a few days in between our meetings. it'll probably hit me after a week....that will be an interesting post....

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