Sunday, December 12, 2010

turns out i am a masochist!

wow. what a wonderful past week. i'm going to attempt to recall in full detail, but i make no promises that will happen.

Master did some revising to my current masturbation/denial schedule. i am still only allowed orgasms on wednesdays and sundays, unless Master takes them away. the changes came to when i am to masturbate. Master decided that my 30 minutes of masturbation time after work is optional. of course i know He would love for me to complete that, but with my school work it has shown to be difficult and Master states my school work is more important than that session. i am going to do my best to masturbate for at least 15 minutes when i get home from work.

the week was very long and it seemed like an eternity before thursday night came around. when Master arrived at my place, i was on my knees waiting for Him. i had my training collar on, wrist and ankle cuffs chained together, as well as clover clamps on my nipples. Master walked in the door and seemed to take forever for Him to come over to me, where i unzipped His pants and started sucking, licking, and massaging His cock. Master asked if i wanted Him to take the clover camps which i responded with a yes please Master. Master only allowed me to play with His cock for a little bit. Master had brought me some things which we went over. He brought a big gym back on wheels to transport all of our toys and "equipment", some organizers to keep the toys in, a bluetooth headset for my phone, a new cane, some fish-weights, and new towels for my place. He also brought new water and food dispensers for my cat. after we went through the "goodies"  we looked online at different stores we wanted to check out when we were on our get-a-way.

i had several Disciplines and Punishments but Master said He wanted to wait for the next day to do those. i was perfectly fine with that. however, shortly into play time i earned a Punishment that Master immediately gave me, and i have a bruise on my ass for that. i had allowed Him to tie me completely to the bed before i told Him that i had to use the bathroom, and neither of us are into urine play. before He allowed me to go to the bathroom Master got the new cane and smacked it on my ass many times. He comforted me after, uncuffed me, and i slowly was able to make my way to the bathroom. Master would not let me orgasm, said He wanted to wait until we were at the hotel. Master had ordered a bunch of  things that arrived a few days prior. in there was a flogger, which i LOVED. the best thing was Master completely fisted me! oh my God, how i loved having Masters fist in me. it hurt, but damn it felt good!!

we got up the next morning and were on our way. for the drive Master had me put the remote egg vibrator in my pussy and He held on to the remote. we had about at hour and half drive, but made several stops along the way. while we were sitting at a restaurant having lunch, Master kept turning it on. i was not able to relax enough to be able to edge. we stopped at a few lingerie stores but had a blast, and purchased a gorgeous corset at one store. we finally made it to the hotel. Master had told me the first thing that was to happen when we got there was for me to make Him cum with my mouth and my hands. i took to that immediately and was rewarded with my tits covered with His cum. Master edged me several more times, but He continued to deny me an orgasm. He decided that i was to have reached 100 edges before i would be rewarded with orgasm. i keep track on my chart of how many edges i complete, and Master and i had purchased a door counter clicker so we could easily keep track of how many edges at been completed.

we showered together, i washed Him, He washed me. We then went to a very nice Italian restaurant for dinner. it was absolutely wonderful being able to walk around in public with Master holding His hand and even kissing. Master not only makes me feel good physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. i was wearing a somewhat simple outfit but walking next to Him i felt as if i was "supermodel hot". we had been debating about taking a boat ride on the river, going to a Players Club, going to a strip club, or just go back to the hotel. we decided on the hotel. when we arrived to our room, i stripped my clothes off. in the bag of goodies Master had an arm binder with a posture collar attached. He put it on me, put a pair of really tight heavy duty magnetic clips on my nipples, had me bend over a chair with my legs spread and walked out of the room and told me not to move. i am not sure how long He was gone for, but it felt like an eternity with gravity pulling the clips and my nipples. by the time Master came back i was already near tears and had our rest word on the tip of my tongue. He brought the crop with him and all it took was one smack on my left tit for me to scream out the rest word. Master took the clips off and caressed my nipples with His hands and tongue. He said that was one Punishment. the next few Punishments and Disciplines all roll together in my mind, as i am writing this a few days later since i did not have my computer with us. also the intensity of the Punishments was very high. i know 2 wackes of the cane were for missing questions on quizes. Master gave me a choice if i wanted the next hits to be with the cane or paint stick. i am TERRIFIED of the paint stick. i asked Master for the cane again. i counted every hit and said "thank You Master" after each. i cannot remember how many there were. i was in tears, first time i have openly cried more than just a few small tears after a Punishment. i have more bruises on my ass and on the way home i had to keep adjusting myself so i would not be sitting on the bruises. after the first few hits Master reached between my legs and felt my pussy. oh my God was i ever wet. i knew i liked some pain, but i had no idea that pain that intense would make me so horny and wet. this helped prove in my mind that this is the lifestyle for me. this is who i am. i am a masochist. i still have my limits on things i currently will not have done to me, but pain turns me on. pain gets my tight cunt soaking wet for my Master.

after my Punishments were through Master told me to go lay down on the bed, which i happily ran for and curled up into a ball where i continued to cry a bit. He came in, and gathered me in His arms and comforted me for awhile. after a bit He asked if i was ready to play more or if i still needed to be held. i asked if He wouldn't mind i still needed to be held. He turned on some porn and we laid together and watched that for a bit until i felt better and started playing with Master's Cock with my hands and my mouth.

i honestly cannot recall every single detail of the next few hours but i will do my best. Master continued to deny me an orgasm. we had not reached the magic number of 100 edges before my first orgasm. Master had my lie on my back and i automatically spread my legs wide for him like a good slut. Master used various vibrators on my pussy. the most intense was when Master pulled my clit hood back and put a vibrator right on it. i instantly was near orgasm and almost in tears from not being able to cum. my chin was quivering with anticipation and i could not control it. Master brought me up to 115 edges before He allowed me to have an orgasm. the extra 15 were edges from the hockey game that was being played that night. i was BEGGING Master to please let me cum. i could not stop begging Him. orgasming after being teased so nicely was INTENSE.  i had what i refer to as rolling orgasms. one right after the other not able to control it. i think Master really likes when that happens.

another new item in the bag of goodies was a hood, yet another new experience for me. Master took the ball gag out of it, put the hood on me and had my eyes and mouth covered. i was on my knees on the bed, not knowing what Master was going to do. i love the anticipation. next thing i know Master is wrapping rope tightly around me tits and hitting them with a flogger i believe. so sensitive. He has me get on on 4's and uses the floggers on my back, tits, thighs, and ass. i am loving every second of it and am craving Masters cock in my wet cunt.

we had quite a session. i was exhausted. i knew i needed to make Master cum with my mouth and hands but Master ok'ed me passing out. i woke up around 4:30am due to horrible dreams i was having. i wanted to be comforted a little and Masters cock was in reach. so i reached over while He was sleeping and started massaging His balls and stroking His shaft. Master woke up moaning with pleasure when my mouth was on His cock. i will skip over the details of my bad dreams, as they are not important, and the odd feeling i was having.

Master and i both fell back asleep for a few more hours. in the morning we had another fun session, Master continued to allow me to have orgasms. i love when Master allows me orgasms, not just because i love orgasming but because i know it means i have pleased Master. i love pleasing Master. we got dressed and went down for some breakfast. after we packed up all of our stuff, realizing when we got to my apartment that we left my favorite vibrator at the hotel. those poor housekeepers!

Master and i had been discussing my getting my nipples pierced. i had them done before and i had mentioned to Master that i loved them and would like to have them done again. we have been discussing this for several weeks now. with Master going out of town for 12 days and the possibility of not being able to get together for about 3 weeks, we decided this would be a good time to get them done. so on our way back to town we stopped and had them done. Master has purchased me a training collar for private wear, but we are still searching for a public one that jumps out at both of us. in the mean time i have been wearing a necklace i already had that Master really liked. my piercings are acting as a type of collar. something private yet something that is with me all the time. my constant reminder that i am My Master's possession. 

i am owned.

i am His.

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  1. i forgot to say that before Master left my apartment i asked Him if He wouldn't mind, if He would give my ass some attention with the cane. He did, more bruising was the result :-)